Tales of the Nentir Vale & Beyond

End of the firstEncounter!

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The adventurers (Aedan – invoker; Caius – fighter; Daisy – rogue; Ewrynn – sorcerer and Francis – warlord) entered the ruins without incident and soon found the open trapdoor leading underground. They carefully made their way down and met with a lone kobold that was as startled to see them as they were it. The kobold screamed for help and started its attack but before help came it was quickly despatched into the pit of foul green gloop. Soon other kobolds appeared but the fight was very much one sided. The skill of the adventuring group simply overwhelmed their foe and when all the kobolds were dead, only Francis had a slight cut to his arm. There was one amusing moment when Daisy, the halfling rogue tried to abseil down into the pit to retrieve a necklace (quest item) from the kobold. Unfortunately the rope snagged, sending her sprawling, most unlady-like, into the foul, sticky green contents of the pit. Luckily she ended up with little more than her pride dented.



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