Caius Valerus



Caius is a city boy born and bred in Fallcrest. His family lived in a poorer neighborhood, and his parents were old before their time. He had many brothers and sisters, and some never reached puberty let alone came of age. For all this and their hard lives, they lived well enough. His Father did odd jobs for townsfolk too busy or lazy to be bothered. His mother worked for a baker and a launderer. The kids did whatever they could to help out.

Caius grew up in the middle of the pack, and watched his elders go their own ways. Some made and some disappeared, some legally and some very shady. All were welcome at the table. He grew up tough and smart enough, and when he came of age he had already decided his path. He sought out the Fallcrest guard and enlisted. He’d seen the respect the Guardsmen received, and they seemed well payed compared to what he knew. As he grew older he proved himself reliable and good at his job. He rarely complained and knew when to let things go, and when to go all the way. By the time he was twenty he was made a Corporal and led a squad. By the time he was 27 he was up for promotion to Sergeant, and that’s when he made his mistake.

A younger brother approached him as a representative of the Society, an up and coming brotherhood of theives and thugs. He proposed to Caius that the Society would back his promotion to Sergeant in exchange for a working relationship of mutual benefit. Now, Cauis isn’t a fool or naive and so took his time thinking about it. In the end what it came down to is, after all the work he’d put into his career, he’d be damned if this is how he stepped up to responsibility. He looked inside and realized, though he was no goody-paladin, he also couldn’t just turn away. Knowing what would come next, he refused his brother, sending him away in shock.

Needles to say Caius was not promoted, and soon found himself brought up on petty, if trumped up, charges. He busted back to patrolman and given all kinds of the worst jobs. He grimly went about them with his usual determination. Clawing his way back up to the ranks of those who just went about their jobs. Finally he reached a point, a year later, where he believed he’d been forgotten and could put his life back together. As usual this was not the case. In an act of spite, he was given the task of finding a Master Smith’s stolen supplies. He was to leave Fallcrest for the first time in his life, accompanied by four misbegotten mercenaries hired for the task. His superiors assigned him to watch over the group and act as official representative, as asked by the Dwarf. He was informed he should return only after the dragonscale were found, or not at all.

Caius Valerus

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