Ewrynn Lightfoot

Gnome sorceror


Shouts came from the alley a bit further and as the guards looked to see what was going on, Ewrynn snuck passed them, entering the Tavern without them ever knowing. Not that he had done anything wrong or even planned to (he was just thirsty), but it was always good to keep practicing useful things.

Initially he had intended to just make a quick stop for supplies and be on his way again onwards to new horizons. When he saw the notice put up by mister Goldcap however, he had decided to hang around a moment longer. He would have taken the King’s Road himself, but if raiders were active, it might be a good idea to get rid of them first. His hands were itching to practice his Sorcery as well. A power one of his Eladrin friends had discovered in him any years ago. It went against his proper Gnomish education, but sometimes it was just so much fun to do more than sneaking around the dangers that he met on the road. Even if the Gnome inside of him told him it was not a good idea he sometimes couldn’t resist to just sneak up to these dangers and blast them out of his way instead.

And of course, the reward was nice extra on top of all the rest. He was starting to run low on money. Ever since he had left his home amongst the Eladrin he had to do odd jobs here and there to keep himself fed, but he had not regretted an instant leaving his family behind to explore the world. The Eladrin, while friendly, always seemed so out of touch with reality and his family and friends were just living the everyday life. He wanted more than just a dull life though. What use was there in living if you never experienced anything? He wanted to see the beauty the world had to offer, from lush forest to searing hot deserts and icy mountain peaks.

Ewrynn Lightfoot

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