Francis Von Donnenberg

Human warlord


Francis von Donnenberg lived the good life. Fed from a silver spoon and doted upon endlessly by his mother and absent father, life was good. His father was a wealthy ship owner whose fleet aided in the transport of goods to and from the wharf district of Silverdale. Expense was of little concern when it came to little Francis, he was their precious. He was trained by the best tacticians and battle masters, though he often found his attention waning during many of the lessons. He had far more important matters to worry about. The maid’s daughters, his band of hooligans and just plain goofing off took precedence over the silly trifling of the past.

His whole life was torn asunder on the morning of his 18th birthday. Blind to the workings of the outside world, the nobler families had been ‘exempt’ from the compulsory service demanded from the males in the land. The right payment could get you, or exclude you from anything. Finally, however, the outside world has managed to penetrate his shell with its very stark reality. All able bodied males are needed in the service of their people. The military ranks were growing thin. Mercenaries were being used in the mean time but you never could really fully trust those willing to fight for coin. Once more the ranks must swell with the youth of the land, Francis included. Torn from his mother’s heaving chest, he was cast into a world expecting him to be a capable adult.

Now stationed in the town of Fallcrest, Francis finds himself with more authority and responsibility than he could have ever imagined. His father had paid for his ranks with bribes and flattery. “My son is the strongest fighter I have ever seen. We matched him against Belar, you know the High Lieutenant, and I would be lying if I didn’t tell you of the look of fear on Belar’s face when they crossed swords!” The words resonated with the commanding officers who were lining their pockets with von Donnenberg gold, and Francis soon found himself promoted.

He now sits as a commanding Warlord with little real battle experience to show for it.

Francis Von Donnenberg

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