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The whole campaign is set,as the title suggests, around events in the Nentir Vale and surrounding areas. The Vale region is described at the back of the 4e DMG. The ‘surrounding areas’ are currently being developed.

The campaign starts with Kobold Hall and then moves to Keep on the Shadowfell .

Players initially have access to PHBI and PHBII along with the AV. This is intended just for Kobold Hall. After that initial start (to allow the brand spanking new DM to settle in :) other volumes will be allowed such as Martial Power and Arcane Power and the players will be allowed to ‘tweak’ their characters using these books. Other sources will be allowed as they are released and the DM aquires them. Suitable articles from Dragon or Dungeon magazines may also be allowed after consideration by the DM.

Main Page

Tales of the Nentir Vale & Beyond Llador